Beau Crabill of Online Retail Mastery Sued for Fraud and Theft

Beau Crabill Lawsuit

Beau Crabill and former partner Boss Worldwide LLC ended up in Federal Court.  A dispute that alleges Beau Crabill secretly stole revenues from his partner.

Amazon News today has obtained a copy of the lawsuit that makes some very serious charges against Beau Crabill.  This includes misrepresentation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) as Beau attempted to sabotage his partner.

Complaint Filed in New York Federal Court against Beau Crabill

Beau is accused of secretly diverting money, that didn’t belong to him, into a private bank account that his partner, Boss Worldwide LLC, d/b/a ALGO Online Retail, did not have access to. Beau is also accused of stealing ALGO customer information, and attempting to erase any mention of ALGO in other public mediums, such as the company website.

There are other accusations, such as Beau starting a competing business in violation of both a contractual and fiduciary obligation and a fraudulent DMCA takedown notice.

Okay, so, what’s going on here?

So, this Beau Crabill is pretty much a child. He’s around 20 years of age and he has the distinction of being sued in Federal Court for theft, misappropriation, fraud and from the sounds of it, acting like an impetuous child. So, where is his Father in all of this? Well, apparently, he was a Defendant accused of the same wrongdoings.

Beau Crabill – Father Just an Employee

Eventually, Mr. Thomas Crabill, Jr was dismissed from the lawsuit by the court, but his Son, was not. So, what role does his Father play in all of this? When that issue has presented itself in the past, Beau has simply stated that his Father is his employee and works for him.

I guess if you work for your Son, you’re no longer allowed to spank his bottom when he goes and misappropriates funds? How about when your Son gets you dragged into a Federal Court lawsuit? Does that warrant a spanking?

It appears that Beau Crabill makes more profits selling his informational, training program about how to sell on Amazon, then he actually does on Amazon. Court filings state that ALGO paid approximately $600,000 to Beau, but it seems that even that sizeable amount of money wasn’t enough to temper an entitled, pompous attitude of a 20 year old because Beau, according to court documents, “expressed unhappiness with ALGO, including complaining about the amount of money and frequency of distributions he was receiving”.

Since Beau was so unhappy with the hundreds of thousands of dollars ALGO was presenting to them based on their contractual agreement, it looks like Beau decided to take things into his own hands. The Plaintiff alleges that Beau decided to grab the entire business for himself, outside of any legal or contractual process. Beau cut off ALGO’s access to certain online products, changed the bank routing information to divert (a fancy word for stealing) money from where it was supposed to go, into Beau’s own bank account.

Beau then went out and presented himself to the world as Beau Crabill, acting like ALGO never existed.

I guess that wasn’t good enough for Beau.

Beau Crabill – Defamation Claim

The lawsuit goes on to allege that Beau has defamed ALGO to third party sales staff who had been working with ALGO. Beau accused ALGO of “literally stolen” from him. Beau also caused other ALGO customers to cancel their registrations with ALGO by making misleading statements.

A lot of what is alleged in the lawsuit can be chalked up to Beau really just acting immature, entitled and like a child, because, let’s face it, he’s a child. Reading Complaint that was filed in Federal Court in the Southern District of New York, it’s clear that the fraudulent DMCA takedown action was wholly the act of an impetuous child. I again ask, where the heck was Dad in all of this? Taking out the garbage at ordering of his “boss” Son?

When Beau was confronted about the lawsuit on social media, his response was basically that he had won the lawsuit. Really? Won? I’d say that his Father “won” because he was ultimately dismissed from the case, but Beau? Did he win?

Not sure. It appears there was something called an Operating Agreement that both Beau and ALGO had executed that required these kinds of disputes to be settled in arbitration, and not open court. ALGO felt that the circumstances were such that the arbitration clause in the Operating Agreement didn’t apply, so they filed suit. The Judge eventually ruled that the arbitration clause was valid, and therefore, the court was going to order the parties to arbitration.

What was the result of arbitration? We don’t know, and probably will never know, as arbitrations are private meetings and generally the parties will agree to some sort of confidentiality as part of any agreement that is reached. Our best guess is that this matter was resolved, because neither party went back to the court to ask that the original lawsuit be reinstated.

Beau Crabill Scam

Still, this is not the only negative press for Beau Crabill. The website Dirty Scam has a very interesting complaint against Beau. Even more interesting is that Beau has no issue at all exhibiting the type of behavior that has been tarnishing his image. You can click on BEAU CRABILL DIRTY SCAM to read the complaint and Beau’s ensuing response.

So is Beau Crabill going to prison? No, not this time, this was a civil, not a criminal matter.

Did Beau have to hand over a very large sum of money to settle with ALGO? Again, we may never know.

Will Beau’s Father send him to bed without his dinner? Not a chance. Shame on Thomas and Beau Crabill for this entire affair.